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In January 2022 Abby's son Charlie was diagnosed with devastating genetic disease, Type 1 Diabetes. Out of 400,000 currently diagnosed with Type 1 here in the UK, 29,000 of them are children. Vital research through the JDRF is so close to finding a cure for this shocking disease. On June 11th, Abby and her family will be taking part in the One Walk Challenge in London, raising money for this vital research. Please support our current fundraiser, and help us help the JDRF put an end of Type 1 diabetes.

Thank you. Xx

Good Causes & Competitions: Welcome


Good Causes & Competitions: Services

Raising money for relevant causes close to the Heart of Peekaboo Play Cafe.

As this is the first time Peekaboo Play Cafe will be raising donations for Charities, we have yet to decide how often the collection windows will be open for. We will try our hardest to raise money in lots of different ways, but a great start would be to get tongues wagging, and people knowing that they are able to donate to Charity through Peekaboo.

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