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Coaching Partners - Career Coaching for Parents

Can you believe it's almost Spring?!

Together, we have faced almost one whole year of COVID19-disruption, and many of us have lived lives very different to the ones we had before this all began. We have had to make decisions, one way or another about how we live our lives, and for many of you out there work may have been one of several daunting issues. For many of us, raising our families during this strange time has been something of a minefield, and as Boris announced his plans today on our next step out of Lockdown, you may be thinking about your next personal step back in to work, but unsure of where to start when it comes to finding a new career path while still caring for your family?

For a couple of years now, Peekaboo Play Cafe has had the pleasure of supporting two fantastic women, who are making it their goal to help Mums and Dads get back in to work after starting their families. Becky and Rachel have visited Peekaboo in the past offering their guidance and knowledge, and while we all can't meet in person, they have taken the time to write to us, and explain a bit about what they do.

Returning to work can be a daunting prospect for parents, particularly if you have taken a career break to raise a family. You may not be able to return to the job you did before, or your priorities may have changed and you would like to do something different that provides flexibility.

We are Becky and Rachel from Coaching Partners. We are passionate about supporting parents wanting to return to work and develop flexible careers. Whether you are on maternity, or paternity leave, and thinking about going back to work or have taken a number of years out to raise a family, we are here to help.

We are qualified career coaches with a corporate background in Human Resources. We have been on the other side and screened many CVs, interviewed and hired new recruits, designed flexible roles and negotiated flexible working patterns. We are mums to young children ourselves and have personally experienced the struggles parents face when returning to work.

We offer two levels of career development:

1:1 career coaching with e-learning and standalone e-learning courses. Our core topics are career clarity, CVs, job search and interviews.

Career Clarity

Our signature course ‘Successfully Design Your Flexible Career After Kids’ is designed to help you gain clarity on what to do next if you are not sure what job to return to. We show you how to break down your transferable skills and expertise to design a new flexible career path. We help you test your career path in the market, show you how to job search effectively and combat obstacles blocking your return. We are big advocates of adapting expertise for flex and believe you don’t always need to start over again.

CV, Job Search and Interviews

If you are further along your return to work path, you may benefit from expert help with your CV, job search or interview skills.

A CV needs to sell your expertise and position you successfully for the job you want. We can help you quickly reshape your CV so that you do not miss out on opportunities. Using simple techniques we show you how to develop your CV (despite that gap), showcase your skills and experience and get career-ready.

Having a strategic approach to your job search can help you build confidence, widen your pool of opportunities and increase your chances of