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What will you be Asking for this Valentines Day?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Last week, when perusing my new 2021 diary, I realised that it has almost been a year since I temporarily closed Peekaboo's doors. My mind boggles. It fills up like an overinflated balloon about to pop when I contemplate how much time has actually gone by since I have seen so many of you. I know I've seen a few of you in passing in town, or during a quick dash to the supermarket. But to those of you who I haven't bumped in to and been able to ask these questions directly; I hope you are well and keeping your spirits high. I hope you and all your families and friends are safe and well, and most importantly that your minds are happy and healthy. Lockdown has, for many of us, provided a very sedate way of life, where there are little to no schedules, or deadlines. Not even a need to get out of your PJ's if you didn't feel like it. And then some of you have been expected to pick up the pace considerably. Working your day jobs while caring for your families full-time. The pressure on so many has been constant and relentless. The stresses and strains of worry, boredom, frustration, and panic all rolled in to one! I tip my hat to all of you. No matter what position you have found yourself to be in this past year. You are all doing so well!

Which, leads me to the point of this post;

'Self-Love'. No matter what your relationship status may be this Valentines Day, make sure you use this little holiday to not only tell your loved-ones how important they are to you, but be sure to include yourself in these plans. This is a time to spend it with the ones you love, but it may be just as important for you to spend some time away from them too.

I have been doing a little bit or research for the last few days on what gifts may interest you this Lockdown Valentines Day. Have a peek, and see what you think!

Pamper Yourself!

Sanctuary Spa luxury bath float 500ml

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As a mum, who hears the patter of tiny feet the moment she is about to have some alone time, bath time WITHOUT the kids and WITH a glass of wine and a good book can be a pretty essential part of my day.

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